Slash Fic Recs: "Discovered Desires" by Whitlock-Masen

This week's rec involves camping, swimming, and the beach. So, first I googled 'camping hot men'. Let me share with you some of the wonderful images I found.

Oh God, this one is so hot, it got me wet:

Oh yeah, baby. How about these two hot studs?

Oh yeah, for suuuuurrrrrrrre! And guh, this 'hot' dude is so awesome.

Well 'hi' to you too, hot stuff!

Um... ok. So then I decided to just give you some beachy pics of the two men in this story. Beachy pics of Edward are really not hard to come by these days, though if you're going spoiler free for BD, you may want to skip these.

Yeah, I'd much rather say hi to him. Just sayin'.

Now as for Jasper... um... beachy... how about topless?

That works, right? It works for me, if you know what I'm saying. And I think you do. Uh huh.

Okay, we've got some visuals, so onto the rec.

I love the innocence of this fic. Um, okay, there may be some self-lovin', but still, it's pretty innocent. It's... sweet. Edward is a young gay boy, self-professed geek, who is lusting after his friend, popular boy Jasper. He thinks there's no way it could possibly be mutual, and so tries to satisfy himself with observing the object of his affections. But are his feelings returned? Go read and find out!

Enjoy, lovelies.

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  1. naelany says:

    Thanks for the rec! And the lovely visuals ;-)

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