The Pimps review...REVIEWING!!!!!

THEChickNorris: SOOOOOO, this week, since my internet is a big ole dirty douchebag, we're going to review reviewing?

GemmaLisax: That's the plan
Figured that it wouldn't be amiss to give a few tips and reasons for why you should review
good and the bad

THEChickNorris: A "good" review doesn't inherently mean a "positive" review though. At least in MY mind. Just wanted to put that out there.
I've had bad good reviews.
That's a GREAT example of a bad good review.
Don't get me STARTED on bad bad reviews...

GemmaLisax: yeah, the mean for the sake of being mean reviews
or using it as a tool to simply piss the author off

THEChickNorris: yeah...or a simple "wtf"
or :(
Oh, I could go on and on and on...

GemmaLisax: yeah. Please, if you are going to leave a negative review, explain your reasons
you're allowed to not like something

THEChickNorris: BUT...we're not teachers!

GemmaLisax: everyone has different tastes, different opinions

THEChickNorris: Yes!
Just make sure that when you leave a review that you give the "whys" of your opinion. It's what we do here. YES, we're writing a rec, but a review isn't all that different.

GemmaLisax: you don’t have to leave an essay
just be clear

THEChickNorris: NO! An essasy isn't what makes a review good.

GemmaLisax: And, it should be said, that there are times that authors themselves need to take a step back and look at a review with a pinch of salt

THEChickNorris: Oooh, can I give an example of a short but sweet good bad review?

GemmaLisax: sure

THEChickNorris: "I enjoyed reading your work, but I really prefer to read stories written in the 3rd person." (for something written in the 1st person)
That's WAY more helpful to the writer than
"this is a piece of shit and you should jump off a bridge."

GemmaLisax: I even saw someone leave this for one story "Just do us all a favor and delete the story"

THEChickNorris: O.O

GemmaLisax: and I know that that put the author off writing for months
I know!

THEChickNorris: I'd read the story just to find out what was so terrible about it! LOL.
Now, good reviews need more than just love spouted at the writer too...though you don't hear too many writers complain about reviews of "Oh, I just love your story. Update soon!"

GemmaLisax: yeah, I can't say I mind those reviews, LOL.

THEChickNorris: As a writer, I like to know what it is about the story that I'm telling that has drawn in the reader. What did they really like or dislike?

GemmaLisax: in fact, I rather like them
a reveiw is an incredibly useful medium for both the author and the reader
every single chapter is under scrutiny

THEChickNorris: Fanfiction is such a wonderful medium.

GemmaLisax: and it gives us a brilliant idea whether we're on the right track or not

THEChickNorris: I LOVE that when I post something, I'm able to get instant feedback one way or another and don't have to wait for next week's sales report to know if what I wrote is "ok" or not.

GemmaLisax: me too
espeically when you've woven something important into the story

THEChickNorris: and I LOVE being able to interact with my readers.

GemmaLisax: yes!!
THEChickNorris: EVEN the ones that don't leave good good reviews.

GemmaLisax: I've gained a lot of friends via reviews

THEChickNorris: <shifty eyes>

GemmaLisax: <grins and gives you a hug>

THEChickNorris: I may have a tendancy to carry my blunt honesty over into my reviews.

GemmaLisax: and I, for one, LOVE IT

THEChickNorris: And I've left both "good" and "bad" reviews.

GemmaLisax: there have been times that I've left one of those fangirling reviews
but i try to make mine mean something

THEChickNorris: I've left YOU a good bad review...when you KILLED OFF MY BELOVED in A Different Direction.

GemmaLisax: especially since starting writing myself
<rolls eyes> Only you would fall for a creepy vamp
and I did warn you before hand

THEChickNorris: <dons the black mourning dress again to prove a point>

GemmaLisax: LMAO
alright, sweetie
you morn away

THEChickNorris: <sniffs> Laugh at my PAIN!!!

GemmaLisax: he was creepy as hell!
so...good reviewing

THEChickNorris: He was a sexy mutherfucker!!!
Good reviewing...
state your opinion, but give the author the WHY of your opinion.
GemmaLisax: yeah, I mean...god we're not dictating to you or anything, just pointing out what we like in a review

THEChickNorris: "I LOVED this story. The way you handle the characters is just fantastic."

GemmaLisax: cause it lets us know what we're doing right and what's going wrong

THEChickNorris: see? Doesn't have to go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on forever.

GemmaLisax: but....I do love a long review

THEChickNorris: I think everyone that writes enjoys a long review.

GemmaLisax: true
And...speaking of awesome reviews...
TwiWrite allows the reviewer to have a ton of fun with it
cause you can post pictures and what not
and that's just all kinds of awesome
you can be as creative as you like
and, trust me, there are some AWESOME pics out there for getting your point across

THEChickNorris: Oh hell yeah.
You know...I had to go pee, and we were talking about the long reviews...I had one more thing to add but didn't want to pee on the sofa...again....
My favorite review was a pretty short review.
It was only a couple of sentences.
And it was on a one-shot.
Simply..."I had my doubts, but you changed my mind."
Ok....I'm done with that bit now, and am free to discuss picture reviews.
I FUCKIN LOVE using pictures.
I try to always use a picture...though sometimes I get frustrated looking for the perfect picture.
Oooh, can I add some of the pictures that I've used in reviews????

and the ever sought after:

GemmaLisax: yeah!!
and that awesome Chick Norris Seal of Approval

THEChickNorris: Good, cause you know I'll whip out a manip for a review if I have to.
<thinks about my batman pic, and the pic of Jasper in a pink silk robe>

GemmaLisax: <dies laughing>
they were sooooooooooooooo awesome

THEChickNorris: You can even add .gif files to a review.
so, if you're REALLLLY wanting to win the "Chick Norris Reviewer of the Year Award of Epic Awesomeness" you could actually build a little movie review and leave that.

GemmaLisax: LOL!
that would be cool

THEChickNorris: You can just refer to it as the CNRYAEA

GemmaLisax: ok, sweetie

THEChickNorris: <looks serious>
With as much fun as you can have on TwiWrite with your reviews, should be giving them a shot. It's super awesome to leave a review and then to hear back from the writer.
I know, I nearly wet the sofa when I hear back.

GemmaLisax: yeah, and really, it only takes a minute
yeah, I love review replies
espeically when I guess something right that no one else has
makes me feel special

THEChickNorris: Me TOO! Even if it's just a "thanks for your review" though usually if you take 30 extra seconds to get into the "why" of your review, you'll get a little more than that in reply.

GemmaLisax: It makes me all warm and fuzzy

THEChickNorris: ANYWAY....this week, make it your mission to REVIEW, REVIEW, REVIEW!!!
Go back and review something that you've already read and just forgot to review...find something new to read and leave a doesn't matter, just REVIEW!!!

GemmaLisax: I am liking this plan!!

THEChickNorris: <nods> It's a good plan.

GemmaLisax: Read this and remember the next time you read something....REVIEW IT

THEChickNorris: REVIEW!!!

GemmaLisax: trust me, you won't regret it

THEChickNorris: No, you really won't.
I've made some FANTASTIC friends through my reviews.
<smiles sweetly at my wifey through my mourning veil>

GemmaLisax: Yes you have LMAO
and me too
now take that damned veil off and I'll write you that O/S I promised and may have completely forgotten about

THEChickNorris: <dabs at my eyes> Ok...
<takes off the veil and winks at the readers>

GemmaLisax: <sighs and shakes my head, trying not to laugh>
come on, wifey, lets leave them to review

THEChickNorris: REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!

GemmaLisax: what she said

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