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Welcome to the TwiWrite Completed Fics page. Here you will find all the completed stories on the site. This will include multi-chapter and one shots, so if you're looking for a good read that is already finished, look no further. We have them here. This list updates weekly with completed fics, so make sure to check back often to see who's finished their amazing story.

Multi-chapter stories will be indicated with red text and (MC) next to the link.  Most recently completed fics will be at the top of the page.  If a link does not work, or if you have a completed story and don't see it, please contact TheFaintHeart at

Updated March 4, 2011

Every Day, Forever by Whitlock-Masen (MC)
Beyond the Gaze of a Boy by Whitlock-Masen (MC)
Twi25 Round 3 by naelany (MC)
Twi25 Round 4 by naelany (MC)
The Sparkling Meteor by Stitchcat (MC)
Missing Pieces by Whitlock-Masen
I Do by Whitlock-Masen
Engraved Invitation by Whitlock-Masen
Alpha Xi Omega by Whitlock-Masen
Teach Me How to Dougie by tiffaninichole
Unconditional by tiffaninichole
Trouble by Savannah-Vee
Fanfiction Fantasies by jazz2122
Talk Dirty To Me by vbfb1
Don't Ask Don't Tell by vbfb1
The Sweetest Thing by vbfb1
Calving by vbfb1
The Bite by The Chick Norris
The Lamb and The Dragon by kisbydog
The Copy Boy and the Editor by BeCullen
Calling an Audible by naelany
Little Alec by vampireisthenewblack
This Boy by naelany
The Importance Of Daisies by naelany
Source Code Compatible by naelany
Shaken, Not Stirred by naelany
Serendipity by naelany

Updated February 18, 2011

A Reason to Exist by cullen818 (MC)
Breathing Hope by CarlislaCooper (MC)
The Stepfather by SexyLexiCullen (MC)
Hide and Seek by naelany
In Surrender Lies Victory by naelany
Liquid Courage by naelany
Over The Years by naelany
Puppy Love by naelany

Updated February 11, 2011

Breathe by dangerkitty (MC)
Domward by dangerkitty
Impasse by JaspersDestiny
Unexpected Love by vbfb1
Kappa Alpha Rose by wildcatlizzie
Did No One See The Writing On The Wall? by naelany
Red Velvet by naelany
A Whole Latte Lovin' by naelany
12 Days by naelany
All I Want For Christmas by naelany
Capturing My Forever by naelany
Dedicated To The One I Love by naelany
Gubler Fix by naelany
From the Rubble Rises Hope by naelany
BOY by Stitchcat

Updated February 4, 2011

Forbidden by arianawhitlock, Jackie (MC)
Reverie by arianawhitlock (MC)
Working the Night Shift by arianawhitlock, ChloBoLow Hale (MC)
Haunted by arianawhitlock (MC)
Punishment by arianawhitlock (MC)
Secret Lovers by Lady Tazz (MC)
I Know You Won't by Frankielynn (MC)
Cufflinks by lizzylillyrose
Your Wish Is My Command by bloodangel78
Heat by Aversa
Haunted House by RachelxMichelle
Deadly Reunion by RachelxMichelle
Morning in May by kisbydog

Updated January 28, 2011

The Wish by earthprincess4
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not by earthprincess4
Brightness by sidewaysgrace

Updated January 21, 2011

Mr. Ed by Hammer of Destiny, Hammerhips, JaspersDestiny
Before He Cheats by MichelleRae
Without You by katiecav
Undying Love by Hammerhips

 Updated January 14, 2011

Long Way Down by forthelongestday (MC)
Aftermath by forthelongestday (MC)
Vampire Lust, Love and Loss by lizzylillyrose (MC)
The Best Day by earthprincess4 (MC)
Bright Star by Little Miss Mionie (MC)
Lessons Unexpected by AlexisDanaan (MC)
Bella's Secret by cullen818 (MC)
Broken Dolls by Hopeforastalemate (MC)
Broken Dolls Outtakes by Hopeforastalemate (MC)
THE STORM by Cullenfest (MC)
We Found Each Other by JaspersIzzy (MC)

You Are My Sunshine by theswandive
The Way of Virtue by vampireisthenewblack
HONEY by Cullenfest
She's everything by Edwarschick
In the Bedroom by jazz2122
Broken Time by LFC Hotstuff
Breathless by Arabellas pen

Updated January 7, 2011

Underneath Your Scars by Hammerhips (MC)
Blond Ponytail by Savannah-Vee (MC)
Good Luck Kiss by earthprincess4 (MC)
The Arms of Darkness by Hopeforastalemate (MC)
The Hunt by Alby Mangroves (MC)
Good Luck Kiss by earthprincess4 (MC)

Dream by BeCullen
The Taste of a Kiss by Arabellas pen
Writer's Block by vbfb1
Soccer Seductions by vbfb1
Life In Suitcases by vbfb1
In His Eyes by vbfb1
It Wasn't Supposed To Be Like This by vbfb1
Firelight by vampireisthenewblack
Unexpected by TwistedHauteMess
The Silent Watcher by TheFaintHeart
Virginal Dominatrix of Love by Hammerhips & givemesomevamp
Besties by Hammerhips & givemesomevamp
Perilous Passions by Hammerhips & givemesomevamp
Unlucky Friday by Stitchcat
Watching You Play by Arabellas pen

Updated January 2, 2011

Unexpected by chewie4370  (MC)
Bella's Birthday by SarahAH30
Key To My Heart by JaspersIzzy
darkness sun by Edwarschick
He Threw a Snowball at my Head by Savannah-Vee
Far Dareis Mai by Jackie
A Date with Edward by lizzylillyrose
Backseat Bloodshed by BloodSoakedBombShells
Seen through a Window by mouse555
Christmas Things by BloodSoakedBombShells
The Other Woman by sneakysnarkysubs
And to all a Goodnight by TwiOthGirly
The Great Mistletoe Hunt by BeCullen
Hand in Hand by Savannah-Vee
Ornamental Faith by TwireaderAbi
I Felt Hope (APOV of Take Care Of My Heart) by earthprincess4 (MC)
Save Me by TwireaderAbi
Take Care Of My Heart by earthprincess4 (MC)
Awakening of a New Life by Dennycullenlutz
The Only Hope for Me is You by kisbydog
Reverie by arianawhitlock
Leave a Light On by kisbydog
Erzs├ębet by Hammerhips
Field Trip by Jackie
Candy Canes by jazz2122
Fire & Ice by Jazzella
A Dangerous Affair by katiecav
Ho, Ho... Ohh! by lizzylillyrose
Twilight for Dummies by The Chick Norris
Missing Piece by chewie4370 (MC)
Lust 101 by chewie4370
Never again by KT8812
I Never by SqueakyZorro
SEASON OF CHANGE by angelndeskyes (MC)
Christmas Gift by Russet Fur BR
MADE OF GOLD by angelndeskyes (MC)
A Moment, A Love by cuttlefishies  
Hurricane Drunk by leckadams
Wandering Fancy by BamaBabe
Jukebox Hero by BamaBabe
Malice in Wonderland by spirare (MC)
Since You Been Gone by Dennycullenlutz (MC)
Bring me to Life by RachelxMichelle
Chicks Dig Scars by Girlnorth
A Very Merry Christmas Indeed by Girlnorth
For My Family by The Chick Norris
Ringside Revelations by TheFaintHeart
Bloodlust by sunshinegal3
Bloody Rose by Delandora
A Normal Halloween by Hammerhips (MC)
Balaur and Iele by The Chick Norris
It Sucks To Be Leah by Minna Koda
The Caius Project by Stitchcat
Magically Delicious by jazz2122
Dirty Dice by jazz2122
Blood, Sex and Tears by jazz2122
Ghosts in the snow by latessitrice
Merry Fucking Christmas by Flaming Junebug
Beautiful Disaster by JaspersCherry
Call Me Miss by lizzylillyrose
The Outcasts by spirare
Jane in the Box by spirare
Goodnight, Sweet Girl by spirare
I Am Your Death by luvmesomejasper
At the Summer House by cuttlefishies
In Braille by Alby Mangroves
The Major and Mike Newton by Stitchcat
I Do, I Don't by RachelxMichelle (MC)
Blood Crazed by RachelxMichelle
Doing What's Right by RachelxMichelle
Promises by alicejasperfan (MC)
When Shadows Fade by Hopeforastalemate
Battlefield by Hopeforastalemate
What Alice Forgot to Mention by Hopeforastalemate
Thoughts from the Background by The Chick Norris
A Madness Most Discreet by vampireisthenewblack (MC)
Dead Battery by vampireisthenewblack
Marshmallow by vampireisthenewblack
The Key by vampireisthenewblack
Disclosure by vampireisthenewblack
Loafers by Hammerhips
The Vetting of Carlisle by The Chick Norris
Desolate Heaven by kisbydog
DID by Hammerhips
Say Something Else by vampireisthenewblack (MC)
Hurry Up! by Dennycullenlutz
Vengeance: Summer Camp Prank by Dennycullenlutz
Showroom by Dennycullenlutz
Summer Job by Dennycullenlutz
Bam! Pow! Zap! by Alby Mangroves
Fire, Blood, Truth by vampireisthenewblack
The Scarlet and the Gold by Hopeforastalemate (MC)
Breaking by Hopeforastalemate (MC)
Mate and Mother ONE SHOT by ace1014
Good Fortune by robotmoose (MC)
Besties by WhitlockHarem
I Did That to Him by vampireisthenewblack
The Polar Opposites of Joy and Loss by vampireisthenewblack
Hard To Handle by Jaspers Sex Kitten
My Give A Damn Is Busted by Jaspers Sex Kitten
The Hardest Thing by Scorp112 (MC)
Love Will Keep Us There by cullen818 (MC)
Soulmates by robotmoose
Don't Drop the Soap by DarkNnerdy
A Good Day by The Chick Norris
Suffocate by hottygurl7
Innocence Lost by cullen818 (MC)
The Wrong Cullen by MistressGemGem
Taken! by MistressGemGem
Safe Hands by MistressGemGem
Please Be Mine by MistressGemGem
Feel You by MistressGemGem
Seeking Retribution From Darkness by Rosella Whitlock
The Day Before Forever by Aversa
Fate Has Brought Us Here by cullen818 (MC)
One Hell of a Forever by Gemmalisax
Magories by Madam Akyria
What Lies In The Dark by Jaspers Sex Kitten
Desired Distractions: Love or Lust by Jaspers Sex Kitten
Reunited by JaspersBella (MC)
F Stop by sweetT129
Jasper's On The Go Cafe by sweetT129
Burned by sweetT129
Carlisle's Abridged Research Notes on Vampirism by Hammerhips
A Miracle by Delandora
Expecting Someone Else by Delandora
In My Mind by Delandora
One Year Ago Today by Delandora
Fluffernutter by JaspersIzzy

 Take a Chance by JaspersBella
Dancing with Cinderella by JaspersBella
Where Your True Destiny Lies by cullen818
Searching For Something by cullen818 (MC)
Lead Me Not Into Temptation by sweetT129 (MC)
Places You've Never Been by sweetT129 (MC)

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