Happy Birthday @HeiwaHippie

TwiWrite would like to wish a very happeh burfday to...

(yes, I know the names don't match. Neither is the spelling in this post correct. *snickers*)

She is our very own (and more than likely only) wolf girl. We still love her though. So we hope you get lots of Jake porn (now that he's legal) and some hot smexin' from the hubs.

Have a very speshul day, darlin'.

Lubes and Tankle Hugs!

The crazy peeps on the TwiWrite HQ staff!

One Response to “Happy Birthday @HeiwaHippie”

  1. Well hubs is out to sea.. so no smexin' But I'll gladly take Jake porn. Or Ian Somerhalder porn as well. :)
    Thanks for the Bday wishes! <3 you!

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