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Hi Everyone!  This past weekend I went up to San Francisco to meet up with some wonderful ladies who also happen to be FF authors.  While eating lunch at The Stinking Rose (look it up it’s pretty unique) we got on a discussion which spurred on my random thought.

Today’s Random Thought: To research or not to research?

As we all proceeded to create the worst breath one could ever imagine, we discussed research and if they all were doing it.  I think we came to the conclusion that sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t.  I have read some amazingly researched stories where the length of research done amazes and awes me into silence.  I’ve thought “wow that author was crazy to do all that research but I love every min”.  I’ve also read some that have me saying “Geezo that’s not right!” but most of the time that didn’t bother me as long as I was enjoying the story.  Now let me say if all of a sudden an author had in her story that they lived in Forks and it was sunny everyday or only an hour drive to San Francisco well that would bug me but hey as long as it sensible I can go with the flow of the creative juices and just enjoy.

Until next time my lovelies...  Tootles! :)

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  1. I think there should always be some element of research. In some cases its cracking the books to confirm an element of vampirism or an obscure vampires gift. Or wikipedia-ing the era a vampire originated so you can get to know the character.

    Even in contemporary AH fics there should always be research. I've set stories in cities I lived in for years and still needed to do research.

    Its just part of the process. Of course there's no reason you have to adhere to what turns up in your research. Take liberties with history, canon, medical fact, but know how and why you are doing it.

    And research is so easy. Wikipedia is great. Even just Googling. Or ask a question on twitter, ask people to retweet it. Someone will have an answer or know where to find one.

    I really enjoy your posts by the way :)

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