Banner Banter with Cullen818

Today I chose to feature one story that had two very intriguing banners. Actually, it was the second banner that caused me to start reading the story in the first place.

Edgy Edward...

I love the use of his face in this one. He's so intense and just looks dangerous!
 Such a great job with the picture choices.

banner  credit - ashmas 0407


Summary - Bella lives upstate New York, works as a waitress, attends school part-time, and has had a major dry spell. No sexual contact for Miss Swan as of late. A chance encounter at her cousin's house changes that. Bella might get a lot more than she bargained for in the long run too. Humor/Romance/Violence/ name it, QS has it, or will.

Again, such a fantastic use of Edward and the main focal point of this banner...OMG!  I clicked right on this story and started reading!

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