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Hi Everyone! *waves* So this week I have been managing to catch up on my reading and cleaning and not be put on the rack at work and this inspired a new thought...

Today’s Random Thought: What to do with an author that doesn’t update regularly.

Now some might say “bug them on twitter” or “send them a PM” or something along those lines but here is my thinking...  Authors are people too with lives and they do this for fun in their free time.  So I always cut them slack, if it’s only been a week since an update or 3 months, I am sure the author is already stressing out over it and if they could update sooner they would be.  It’s always nice to receive words of encouragement they can help inspire us but I know last week I was late with my little segment and I felt horrible and that was just me and my silly words that don’t even equal 500 words total!  So next time before you send out that tweet “where is my next chapter biotch” maybe change that to “Are we gonna get a new chapter soon? cause I am so excited for it!”, ya know what they always say you get more with honey then you do with vinegar... and oh yeah just like that I am quoting my Mom again... *headdesk*

Until next time my lovelies...  Tootles! :)

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